I research, design, and develop products, services, and experiences.


Senior Director of Product Design & Development – Hasbro Gaming.

If you’ve seen the movie Big in which Tom Hanks gets a job inventing games and toys, I literally have that job

Gray Bright dancing out front of Hasbro Head Office in Pawtucket, Rhode Island with Mr Potato Head in a suit.
Cloud Scooter standing by a lake in Palm Springs


Cloud is an electric scooter rideshare business. But more than that, it’s a research and development company exploring the future of transport.

I founded Cloud with the goal of bringing safety, innovation, simplicity, freedom, and sustainability to the Micromobility ecosystem


Having been involved in the design & development, manufacture, supply and launch of 1,500+ Consumer Electronic hardware and software products, this is small glance at some of them.

With over $500M in global sales, there’s high chance you’ve used a product I’ve been involved with

Hasbro Gaming Characters Set - Taboo, Jenga, Game of Life, Clue, Monopoly, Trouble
Gray TV Device for pirate TV station with LED's and control knobs in full lighting


A collection of things I’ve made ranging from a pirate TV station, to an AI system that allows you to play the piano – even if you’ve never played before.

To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk (Thomas Edison)


Live Late Night Talk Show for Science and Technology, sitting at the intersection of popular culture and science & technology, appealing to a growing audience of people fascinated by innovation and discovery.

Conan + Bill Nye – Budget = The Tomorrow Show

Gray Bright sitting at The Tomorrow Show Desk hosting the live late night talk show The Tomorrow Show, the late night talk show for science and technology
Gray Bright sitting on a ladder in front of the America's Greatest Makers sign for TV show America's Greatest Makers on TBS


Aired on TBS with 24 teams of makers inventing products, and battling for $1,000,000. Judges included Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, Kevin Pereira, and produced by Emmy-award winning Mark Burnett and MGM.

How did I lose $1M to a Bluetooth Toothbrush?!


I’ve been fortunate to host, perform, moderate, emcee, collaborate, and participate in many local and international events, including Government & Corporate, TV & Film, Comedy Clubs, with ‘Monty Python’ at London’s O2 Arena, and performing comedy at NASA Kennedy Space Center during the launch of an Atlas V Rocket.

The rocket was delayed 1 hour, ever had to ad-lib an hour of aerodynamic jokes? It’s like making it through max q

Gray Bright on stage at the Innovators Xchange G'Day USA Innovation Event for Australian Government and Northrop Grumman.
Gray Motorized Desk Self driving autonomous driving desk going along with sunset in background animated GIF


Late Night Talk Show desk, on wheels.

Yes, they let me use the Drive Thru window at Wendy’s