Collection of inventions I’ve made – from a motorized desk, micro TV station, to an AI system that allows you to play the piano – even if you’ve never played before…


Motorized Desk

Best Desk Ever This Late Night Talk Show desk turned Formula1 vehicle is the most fun you can have on wheels! Desk Adventures This is a compilation of desk fun…
Gray Bright driving on a motorized desk along the Santa Monica beach with the Santa Monica Pier in the background

Daytona USA – In My Car

The Real Life Daytona USA Car It’s 2001, I’m studying Robotics at Swinburne, love playing pinball & arcade games, and working at electronics retailer Dick Smith Electronics… So it makes…
Daytona USA - Main GIF


Dr Robot I built this with a Dobot magician robot and the an Operation game. The website was a simple HTML & CSS App connecting to a Spark API. The…

AI Human Piano

AI Human Piano Skills This is the device that will make you play the piano. This is the AI Piano highlight from the below YouTube video This is the…

Nixie Tube Clock

NIXIE TUBE CLOCK Glow Of Nixie Tubes Nixie Tubes are amazing. They are also ridiculous, they break, are expensive, no one makes them anymore, but still, they’re amazing. Originally made…
Nixie Tube Clock Counting Up GIF

Gray TV

GRAY TV STREAMING BEFORE NETFLIX WAS A THING… This isn’t the first pirate TV station I’ve built… Year’s earlier I built Gray FM, a pirate radio station. And this was…
Gray TV unit back showing front panel with all the lights and switches and lights and switches GIF

Bitcoin Ticker – Crypto Audio

Wirelessly stream price of cryptocurrencies Whilst checking the price of BTC or LTC every 5 minutes was fun, it soon became an annoying habit requiring I go to a chart…
Bitcoin Ticker made by Gray Bright

Portable Electronic Roulette

Electronic Roulette System During the 90’s I built a lot of electronic kits from Dick Smith Electronics, one of my favorites was the electronic roulette system. I’m going to have…
Portable Electronic Roulette Machine with chips on the play field and demonstration of the numbers going around in a MP4

Knight Rider Display Circuit

KITT Knight Rider was a fav show of mine as a kid, and the car, known as KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand) was the coolest car I had ever seen,…
Knight Rider KITT car display with LED's moving in a GIF

Conference Call Radio Station

Secret music listen This device plugs into a work telephone system, as iPod also plugs in, and a telephone headset. You then ‘turn’ the sticktape to activate a switch, which…
Telephone Conference Radio GIF

M&M’s Color Sorter

Blue Only Please Sometime early 2000’s I read about this circuit which involved a color sensor and PIC microcontroller which could do simple detection of color. It worked by shining…

Pong Video Game Circuit Board

The Real OG (original game) Pong is an incredible video game, it’s always been an incredible video game, it always will be an incredible video game. It was originally manufactured…
Pong Game GIF

Robot Body Parts

ROBOT BODY PARTS Selling Robot Body Parts After purchasing large quantities of surplus electronics from Dick Smith Electronics when they decided to stop selling components, I had a spare room…
Close up of many different components including resistors and capacitors