Creative Technologist

I research, design, and develop products, services, and experiences.


Senior Director of Product Design & Development - Hasbro Gaming. If you’ve seen the movie Big in which Tom Hanks gets a job inventing games and toys, I literally have that job.

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Cloud is an electric scooter rideshare business. But more than that, it’s a research and development company exploring the future of transport. I started Cloud with the goal of bringing safety, innovation, simplicity, freedom, and sustainability to the Micromobility ecosystem.

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A collection of things I've made ranging from a pirate TV station, to an AI system that allows you to play the piano - even if you've never played before. To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk (Thomas Edison).

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Products Launched

Having been involved in the design & development, manufacture, supply and launch of 1,500+ Consumer Electronic hardware and software products, this is small glance at some of them. With over $500M in global sales, there's high chance you've used a product I've been involved with.

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The Tomorrow Show

Live Late Night Talk Show for Science and Technology, sitting at the intersection of popular culture and science & technology, appealing to a growing audience of people fascinated by innovation and discovery. Conan + Bill Nye - Budget = The Tomorrow Show

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Americas's Greatest Makers

America's Greatest Makers aired on TBS with 24 teams of makers inventing products, and battling for $1,000,000. Judges included Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, Kevin Pereira, and the show was produced by Emmy-award winning producer Mark Burnett and MGM. How did I lose $1M to a Bluetooth Toothbrush?!

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I've been fortunate to host, perform, moderate, emcee, collaborate, and participate in many local and international events, including Government & Corporate, TV & Film, Comedy Clubs, with ‘Monty Python’ at London’s O2 Arena, and performing comedy at NASA Kennedy Space Center during the launch of an Atlas V Rocket. The rocket was delayed 1 hour, ever had to ad-lib an hour of aerodynamic jokes? It's like making it through max q.

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