Motorized Desk

Motorized Desk

Best Desk Ever

This Late Night Talk Show desk turned Formula1 vehicle is the most fun you can have on wheels!

Gray Bright Motorized Desk Invention and Innovation singing Mustang Sally

Desk Adventures

This is a compilation of desk fun at multiple events around California.

Tune credit remix Atomic Blonde/Kanye/Depeche Mode

Here, There, Everywhere

The desk has been on many an adventure, from Marker Faire to 4th of July Parades. I even bought a van for the sole purpose of being able to transport the desk around.

Maker Faire Motorized Desk with Gray and Kyle driving around on the motorized desk

Desk Working

Rolling along the beach, working form the desk, perfect.

Gray Bright driving on a motorized desk along the Santa Monica beach with the Santa Monica Pier in the background

Instagram Fun

Here’s my wife (Kyle) and I driving down Main St in Santa Monica (during COAST) doing some karaoke to Mustang Sally – The Commitments version.

Maker Faire

It was always so fun to go to Maker Faire and zoom around saying hello to everyone and chasing other strange motorized devices.