It's a mixture of Shark Tank and American Idol for inventors / engineers. Watch as this new reality TV show from Intel & Mark Burnett challenges 24 teams of makers to invent game-changing technology, with a $1 million grand prize.

Tuesday, April 12th, 2016 - 8:00PM to 10:00PM

Cross Campus, Santa Monica - 929 Colorado Ave, Santa Monica, USA.

About The Night

Some have suggested we should get together to watch the second episode of America’s Greatest Makers, if you’d like to watch please do come along! Last week’s episode introduced the first 12 teams, this week’s episode will introduce the second round of 12 teams – of which my team should be one of them.

This week I’ll have to battle the other teams to get through to the semi-finals!!

Show starts at 9PM. We’ll be hanging around from around 7:30PM.
Official page of America’s Greatest Makers.

Gray Waving AGM

“This event is organized, facilitated, and hosted by contestants, and is not an official event in connection with the show.  This event is not endorsed or sponsored by, and does not represent the views or positions of Intel Corporation, MGM Television, Turner Broadcasting Network, or any other entities associated with the show.”