Zackee’s Emergency

Zackee’s Emergency

Just before stage time, Zach’s mask BREAKS!!!

Just before one of my competitors was about to go and present on stage for the first time, his product died!!! We bumped into each other in the hallway and he was in distress, I had my soldering iron kit plus a heap of tools on standby so we grabbed them and went to work.

America's Greatest Makers Promo Shot with Gray Bright helping contestant Zachary with the mask
America's Greatest Makers Promo Shot of Zachary with LED mask
Zackee’s Emergency

Sneaky Tricks

Reality TV is normally about teams battling each other and often with sneaky tricks and sabotage. This is not what the Maker community is about, we sat down and worked together to get his mask back in working operation.

Learn more about how he’s creating the future of fashion here.

Good luck Zach!!!