Trivial Pursuit

The Classic! Gather friends and family to play the trivia game that started it all! Leading the Design and Development of Trivial Pursuit is a true privilege, this brand has…
Trivial Pursuit Family Edition Demo - Hasbro Teaser GIF

Game of Life

The Classic! Travel down life’s road with its highs and lows as you try to amass a fortune. Working on The Game of Life is a true privilege, this brand…
Game of Life Hasbro Demo Animated GIF

Clue & Cluedo

The Classic Whodunnit! One murder… 6 suspects. Working on Clue / Cluedo is a true privilege, this brand has so much history, and is a true fan favorite. Game Details…
CLUE Animated GIF Trailer from Marmalade Clue Cluedo App